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The video of the goal of Brazilian Liverpool goalkeeper Alison Baker against Bromwich the day before yesterday scored nearly two million views on the social networking platform Twitter.

The Liverpool goalkeeper snatched three valuable points in the race to qualify for the Champions League, when the score was 1-1 in the 95th minute of the Premier League match, Trent Alexander-Arnold headed home with a header into the net.

Speaking of an unforgettable match, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp felt the Brazilian was the perfect man at the perfect moment, he said.

We needed a corner at the last second and our goalkeeper to score. What a global goal. An incredible goal. The method for implementing the goal is totally crazy. The goal couldn’t score a better person, and it couldn’t be a better moment. Just a perfect goal for today. We didn’t have that many moments in the season so I don’t think we should take it that goal and win for granted now just because we managed to win this way once. We have to keep going.

Klopp elaborates on the details: I looked at the corner. I do not know exactly. I saw Alison start to progress. My role in the goal is that I didn’t shout, “Stay behind!” Just let him run forward. In the last minute of the game, no one usually has to ask the goalkeeper to advance into the opponent’s penalty area when you have to win, which is clearly what we had to do. He went there and what a goal he scored! It was unbelievable. Fabulous. We’ve already seen it almost 10 times in the dressing room. It is absolutely unbelievable. If Olivier Giroud scored a goal like that, everyone would say it was a global goal. When Alison does that, we have to say the same.

“The way his team-mates showed how happy they are today is the best description,” Klopp adds. He is a very cool person, funny, intelligent, respectful, and strong. He’s an amazing guy and a better person couldn’t have such a special moment after all he’s been through. I am really happy for him.

As to whether Allison scores regularly in training, Klopp said: No, I told John Ashterberg that when I go to the press conference I’ll tell everyone that it’s finally something that has paid off because he does it four times a week! Unfortunately, this is not true! It has to be in his long-term memory from when he was a regular player as a kid and not a goalkeeper. I’ve never seen him do anything like this. I am very happy that he does not use the head much and uses his hands. Great moment and if he doesn’t do it again, I’m totally fine and feeling good about him – it’s a totally perfect moment for him and the team.

John Ashterberg revealed how a quick glance at his watch prompted Allison Baker to come forward to participate in the corner kick that came from the impressive victory over West Bromwich Albion, with the coach admitting: “We have nothing to lose.”

“My reaction was like everyone else. I jumped madly. You’re very happy to do that but also for the team. We kept fighting and created chances but we didn’t score. The opponent made it difficult for us, so you have to find a way to beat him. Fourth minute,” Ashterberg told Liverpoolfc.com. Ninety and nothing to lose. ”

“I looked at my watch, 94, and thought it was going to be the last kick in the match, we needed to win, so I shouted lead into the box! I just thought we had nothing to lose. It was a great ending.”

After the match, Alison gave an interview to Sky Sports as he contemplated the difficult few months he had taken off the field with his father’s tragic death in February.

We tried to be positive with him and talk about things when the time is right and try to make sure he is okay and support him and his entire family. It wasn’t easy, but he thinks his father is watching them. That was how he felt. I had the same, Ashterberg said. The feeling, that his father was guarding him. ”

“When we were talking after the match on the field, we talked about it and told him I thought his father was there at that moment. We were emotional for him because we met his father and his family, so it was a difficult time but he wanted to continue.”

When Alison returned to the locker room after the match, he was met with a round of applause and encouragement from his teammates.

Ashterberg added, “It was good that everyone was keen to greet him and encourage him. We are one team, and we all fight for the team. We want to win and succeed together.”

Liverpool knows that collecting six points from the Burnley and Crystal Palace matches will guarantee him qualification for the Champions League.

“It was really important to stay in the race. We needed to win, everyone knows that. We tried everything and it was amazing what happened. Obviously it was also a great moment for Alison with the situation he’s faced this season and also the injuries we’ve suffered.” Things like that. It was great for the team too. There was a lot of emotion after the match. It was great. ”

“We must now focus on the next stage because there is another very difficult task coming on Wednesday. We need to keep fighting, keep creating opportunities and exploiting them.”



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