Video .. NASA’s probe records strange “radio signals” from Venus


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The NASA probe, which bears the name “Parker Solar Probe”, recorded distinctive radio signals as it penetrated the atmosphere of Venus, heading towards the sun.

The video, which NASA shared on YouTube, shows the moments of the probe penetrating the atmosphere of Venus, which coincided with the recording of the distinctive and strange radio frequency sounds.

When listening to the recording, it is noticed that strange sounds begin to be heard from the moment the probe entered the atmosphere, and where the probe recorded sounds somewhat similar to a “musical song” integrated with the beginning and the conclusion.

According to the specialized scientific magazine “scitechdaily”, the probe recorded these sounds during a short swing near Venus, where the probe detected a natural radio signal confirming that the spacecraft had flown through the planet’s upper atmosphere.

Experts say these recordings mark the first direct measurement of Venus’s atmosphere in nearly 30 years, and it looks very different from Venus’s past.

A recent study published today confirms that Venus’ upper atmosphere undergoes baffling changes over the course of the solar cycle, which is an 11-year solar cycle of activity, in evidence that confirms the great difference between Venus and Earth.


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