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Family medicine specialist Dr. Adel Sajwani denied any relationship between the magnet’s attraction to the human body and the “Pfizer-Biontech” vaccine, confirming that the vaccine material does not contain iron at all.

This comes in response to many rumors that have spread recently on social media, stating that the magnet is attracted to places where the vaccine is taken, explaining that it contains iron, which reinforces the allegations of electronic chips used to control humans, and Dr. Sajwani described these rumors as myths, which It has no roots at all.

Dr. Sajwani explained to “Emirates Today” that the adhesion of minerals to the human body generally occurs because of sweat and moisture fluids, not the vaccine, which does not contain any minerals, indicating that the “Fires” vaccine is 0.3 milliliters, as the body gets quantities of iron from Food and fruits in large quantities without causing iron to stick to the body.

And he demanded the necessity of not following these rumors, believing them, and re-publishing them, as they are nothing but myths repeated by a group of ignorant people.

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