UNESCO: Saudi Arabia’s experience in distance education is inspiring – Saudi News


The Director-General of the UNESCO Regional Center for Quality and Excellence in Education, Dr.Abdulrahman bin Ibrahim Al-Mudairis, affirmed that the Kingdom’s experience in distance education during the Corona pandemic is a distinct response in the process of complete transformation towards e-learning to maintain the continuity of teaching and learning in unfamiliar contexts during that crisis, taking into account It takes into account the standards of quality, fairness and equality, and the learner’s access to multiple learning resources wherever he is.

The Director explained that the Kingdom’s experience in distance education and the unprecedented challenges it faced during the Corona pandemic, and how to deal with and overcome them, is an inspiring experience for flexible, proactive education that responds to familiar and unfamiliar changes and developments, which will be a feature of distinguished education systems in the future.

He indicated that the Kingdom has dealt with this pandemic efficiently and effectively and preserves the continuity and progress of education towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2030, especially the fourth goal, which stipulates ensuring quality, equitable and inclusive education for all and enhancing lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The Director General of the UNESCO Quality Center explained that the e-learning experience has demonstrated the standing and professional and educational capabilities of faculty members, teachers, students and parents of students, and that what is seen today in distance education as an exceptional case may be a natural state in the future in light of the continuous pursuit of enhancing the quality of this The type of education, pointing out that, based on the keenness of the UNESCO Regional Center for Quality and Excellence in Education and its role in the continuous improvement of the quality and excellence of education in the Arab countries, it constantly seeks to present and evaluate the most prominent educational experiences and distinguished practices to benefit from them in spreading the culture of quality, excellence and creativity.


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