Two twin sisters reveal their “asymmetric” suffering with the Corona virus, amid confusion and confusion among doctors


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Two twin sisters reveal their suffering

Intensive care unit in a hospital

The two sisters, Kelly and Kimberly Standler, who are identical twins, revealed their suffering with the Corona virus over the past year, indicating that their body reaction was “asymmetric”.

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“The situation got worse for me, to the point where I lost consciousness, ended up going to the intensive care unit, and from there, I remember nothing,” Kimberly said. As Kimberly’s health worsened, Kelly recovered amid the confusion of her doctors.

“I was in a state of shock, they were suffering from similar medical conditions, but Kimberly’s oxygen requirements continued to increase,” an examination doctor explained, as Kimberly became so sick that she was airlifted to a different hospital, and placed on life support machines, while she returned Her sister Kelly came home after a week.

For her part, Kelly indicated that she “thought that she would lose her sister Kimberly,” due to her health condition.

What has baffled doctors and scientists is that how can two people with the same DNA take different paths to this degree with the Corona virus?

An expert in this field explained, “This is not just genetics, age, or other comorbidities, but rather a mixture of all those things, environmental factors, … and things like diet, so it’s a very complex issue.”

Source: “CNN”


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