Turkey detects 356 new deaths in Corona, and the authorities announce a significant decrease in injuries


Turkey detects 356 new deaths in Corona, and the authorities announce a significant decrease in injuries




Today, Wednesday, the Turkish Ministry of Health announced that it had recorded 26,476 cases and 356 new deaths from the Corona virus, which causes the “Covid-19” infection, while the authorities announced a significant decrease in daily cases.

The Turkish Ministry of Health reported, in a daily statistic, that the general number of registered infections with the emerging corona virus “Covid-19” in the country during the past 24 hours increased by 26476, compared to 24733 in the data on Monday and 28997 Tuesday, bringing the total number of cases to the level of 4955594.

The Ministry of Health stated that it had detected 356 new deaths caused by the disease, compared with 347 on Monday, and 336 on Tuesday, bringing the number of victims of the pandemic in Turkey to 41,883 points.

The Ministry of Health also reported that 35,464 patients had recovered, raising the number of people recovering from the Corona virus in the country to 4589,501 people.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Minister of Health, Fakhruddin Kujah, said during a press conference that his country had witnessed a remarkable decrease in the rate of daily infections with the Coronavirus, after imposing new measures and moving to complete closure recently.

Koca indicated that the past 15 days have witnessed a remarkable decline in the daily infection rate with the Coronavirus, as a result of the new measures and the complete closure.

And he expected that the results of the new measures will appear, in the coming period, on death rates and critical cases of patients.

In a related context, the Turkish minister said that his country had concluded an agreement with China to supply 100 million new doses of the anti-corona virus vaccine, provided that the aforementioned number would reach Turkey in two batches, each with 50 million doses.

Turkey is the 5th country in the world in terms of the number of infections with the Coronavirus and the 19th in terms of the number of deaths.

On April 29, the Turkish authorities imposed a nationwide lockdown that will last until May 17 to contain the outbreak of infections and deaths from the Coronavirus.

Source: RT + agencies


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