“Tuktuks” turn into ambulances to transport Corona patients in India


New Delhi – Reuters

The government of the Indian capital, New Delhi, has decided to convert a group of Tuktuk vehicles into temporary ambulances to transport Coronavirus patients to hospitals, in light of the small number of ambulances.

In cooperation with a charitable organization, the Delhi government provided more than 12 “tuktuk” materials to sterilize hands and masks, as well as providing oxygen cylinders when needed. The service, which officially started on Tuesday, is available free of charge.

Tuk-tuk driver Raj Kumar transports patients to Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital, the largest medical facility in the capital, which is crowded with Covid-19 patients. “We all have to help each other in this difficult period to get out of this situation,” Kumar said.

A plastic fender separates the tuk-tuk driver from the passengers in the back.

Calling an ambulance has become very difficult with the soaring number of Covid-19 cases, which has exceeded the capacity of the health system to absorb. Indian families were forced to make special arrangements, including paying large sums to private ambulance companies to transport the injured to hospitals.


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