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Saudi Arabia has made leaps in the fields of e-government and governance through applications that facilitated transactions, made them accessible to hands, saved billions of riyals, were provided with ease, ease and quality, and were easy to monitor.These modern applications contributed to reducing corruption, favoritism and standing in long queues, and enabled the citizen to implement most of his transactions in a timely manner. Electronic security, health and trade spark to spark competition between ministries and government departments by providing their services.


An electronic system launched by the Ministry of Interior that allows Saudi citizens and residents to conduct their transactions without the need to review departments, connects all government sectors, and the application serves 21 million subscribers, and provides more than 200 free e-services 24 hours.

It shows the health status of the user of the application through colored codes, and the application allows individuals to contribute to breaking the chain of infection by reporting infected people or gatherings in violation of the precautions in place.

My health:

It provides health services to individuals, and provides the user with access to health information.

It is one of the technical solutions to track the spread of Corona virus infection, and it allows its users to know if they have been in contact with people who have tested positive for Coronavirus, and enables the user to obtain direct and proactive notifications if any recorded infection is discovered through the application during the past 14 days while maintaining the confidentiality of the data.

The beneficiary can book appointments in primary health care centers, manage these appointments by modifying or canceling them, and conduct a Corona (Covid 19) test that performs self-evaluation of Corona symptoms and then provides proper guidance for the case.

It allows citizens and residents to request the issuance and reservation of Umrah permits and visit and prayer services in the Two Holy Mosques.

Submit all types of security reports directly with ease, and submit a report by image, video, audio recording, or location sharing.

A new method for managing learning electronically in an interactive educational environment that complements the lessons inside and outside the school, and the application targets students and parents.

It allows to request help and assistance from the civil defense, and to report any incident, and the application serves all segments of society in general, and those with special needs in particular, and its user can determine the geographical location of the sender of the report and the ability to locate another location for the incident other than the current location of the sender of the report.

Opening an emergency report with the Saudi Red Crescent Authority and sending urgent distress in cases of extreme emergency to both the Red Crescent and the persons close to the applicant through the SMS service.

Allows the consumer to check the quality mark, energy efficiency label labels for electrical products (air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators), tires, vehicles and lighting. My 940:

A channel for reporting violations related to municipal services in all neighborhoods, streets and roads of the Kingdom.


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