Tom Cruise brings back the three Golden Globe Awards he won during his career for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association


join “Tom CruiseTo the growing list of famous faces – including Netflix, Amazon and NBC – who are returning awards Golden Globe It previously won amid a protest against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for failing to fix its lack of diversity.

Reward Cruise Awards

According to the Mirror website, the awards that Cruz returned were his awards for Best Actor which he won in 1997, Best Actor Award which he received on July 4, 1990, and Best Supporting Actor Award which he received in 2000. Others are expected to continue to follow. Cruz. ”

Reasons for protest

The Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association (HFPA) came under fire after a Los Angeles Times report looked at the organization’s questionable record on diversity. It showed that there are currently no black members among the nearly 90 voting members.

Statement of the reform plan

Tom Cruise amid Sam Mendes and Stephen Spielberg at the party in 2000 - Photo via Mirror
Tom Cruise amid Sam Mendes and Stephen Spielberg at the party in 2000 – Photo via Mirror

The League has published a long and detailed schedule of its reform goals to show its commitment to achieving these goals with great urgency, as the plan will see twenty new members join the organization by August of this year, and each of them will have the power to vote, while the membership as a whole will increase by 50 percent over the next eighteen months. In addition, an accountability and oversight board will be established that includes members from outside the board of directors.
The statement also confirmed that the organization will consult with studios and advertisers on a new code of conduct that will be unveiled this week, and that it will also establish a hotline to record and respond to any violations.
The schedule adheres to the mandatory principle of diversity and inclusion, which comes after it was recently revealed that the League did not include any black members in its formation of 87 journalists.

Production companies are still apprehensive

Despite the Syndicate of Journalists pledging to overhaul as quickly and with as much thought as possible, many studios continued to question their participation in the awards.
Netflix shared its concerns about the results last week. “We do not believe that these proposed new policies – particularly with regard to the size and speed of membership growth – will address the systemic diversity and inclusion challenges of HFPA, or the lack of clear criteria for how members should operate,” said the company’s co-CEO, Ted Sarandos.
On Monday, Warner Bros. also said it will stop conducting shows and other events for HFPA until more substantial changes are made.
NBC released a statement on Monday saying it would not broadcast the concert in 2022 but acknowledged that it believed the Syndicate of Journalists was committed to reform.
The statement read: “Given that change of this scale takes time and work, we strongly feel that the Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association needs time to do it right. As such, NBC will not broadcast the 2022 Golden Globe Awards. Assuming the organization carries out its plan, we hope that We are in a position to broadcast the show in January 2023. ”

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