Today’s Technology – Apple defends itself by saying it doesn’t want to be like Andorid


Today’s News Technology Today – Apple defends itself by saying that it does not want to be like Andorid, the source of the news.

Today’s news – Washington – Al-Arab today
On the first day of a trial between Epic Games and Apple Apple over App Store rules, Epic Games said the iPhone manufacturer intentionally restricts its customers. Epic Games wants to force Apple to open distribution of iPhone apps so that it can use its own payment processor, bypassing Apple’s commission. The usual 30% on digital goods, a positive ruling could allow Epic Games to offer its own app store for Apple’s iPhones. But we don’t want to be, and our consumers don’t want that either and they want a choice.

Epic Games’ argument is that the App Store is anti-competitive, and that Apple’s arguments about quality and security are essentially an excuse to exclude competitors, like the game Fortnite from Epic Games, which was removed from the Apple Store last year after it provided a direct payment mechanism and in the statement. The opening for Apple, confirmed that its rules helped create a vibrant system that benefits developers, with more than 1.8 million apps in the App Store and the company’s attorney said: Depending on data on security for iPhones, these policies are what protect our users and are the reason for Andorid’s security stats are much worse.

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