“Tiger” reveals the factors that cause heart stroke and the extent to which it causes sudden death … and explains how to reduce its incidence by 90%


Al-Marsad Newspaper: A consultant cardiologist and arterial catheter, Dr. Khaled Al-Nimr, revealed the extent of the possibility that a heart stroke can cause inevitable sudden death if not treated. Explaining the factors that cause stroke and how to reduce its occurrence.
Al-Nimr said during a tweet posted on his official account on “Twitter”: “The death rate, may God protect you and you from heart strokes, for those who were not treated immediately, reaches 40-50%. All things are so as not to cause weakness of the heart.
He pointed out that heart stroke is due to several factors: “high cholesterol, smoking, psychological and social pressures, lack of control of diabetes, lack of pressure control, lack of exercise, failure to eat vegetables and fruits, and family history.”
He continued: “It is meant by family history that a person has a first-degree relative with a heart attack or coronary artery narrowing, and his age is under 55 years for men or under 65 years for women.” He added: “Controlling the above factors reduces the incidence of heart attack to 90%.”


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