Thus, Salah Abdullah congratulated the leader Adel Imam on his birthday


05:41 PM

Monday 17 May 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Artist Salah Abdullah congratulated the leader Adel Imam on his birthday, which corresponds to May 17th.

And “Abdullah” published a picture that they gathered from one of the works, through his official account on the “Twitter” site, commenting: “I wish you wellness and happiness, even though I was the one who made a mistake about your right, but the great is great, and the forgiveness is generous. Tell the star of the stars every year and you are always fine and we will say it all.” Sunnah and you are our star, our lover, our uncle and our friend, every year and you are just Imam. ”

Leader Adel Imam is considered one of the most important stars in the artistic arena. He has many distinguished works in cinema, theater and television, the most famous of which are: “Bodyguard play, school of rioters, the leader, Valentino series, films:“ Love in the dungeon, the beggar, Antar Shail, his sword. Suspect, at the minister’s door. ”

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