This is how Muhammad Ramadan celebrated his 33 years!


Last update: 24 – May – 2021 4:45 PM

Within a family atmosphere, the star Mohamed Ramadan celebrated his 33rd birthday on Sunday, where his fans shared via Instagram video clips of the gifts he received on the occasion of his birthday, whether from his friends, artists or fans.

Today, Monday, Muhammad Ramadan published a picture of his wife and two children, in front of them, his birthday cake, and sent with her a message to his fans: “Every year and you are with me.”

And in the picture, Ramadan received a congratulation from the Egyptian artist, Sumaya al-Khashab, on the occasion of his birthday: “Every year, you are good, Maro, and may God preserve your family for you.”

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian artist, Houria Farghali, accused Mohamed Ramadan of being ungrateful, after she stated in a television interview broadcast on Saturday that he refused to shake hands with her.

She indicated in her interview with “One of the People” program, broadcast on the Egyptian “Al-Hayat” satellite channel, that Ramadan asked her to star in the movie “Abdo Muta” because he did not have heroes at the time, and she also participated with him starring in the movie “The Heart of the Lion” for free. .

She said: “I gave Muhammad Ramadan the first film“ Abdo Muta ”as a gift to support him, and in the second film“ The Lion’s Heart ”I spoke with Muhammad Ramadan, but I do not know to speak in a certain way. I spoke with the producer and sent him the tax official, but we reconciled later, and I told him I am forgiving in the amount. ”

And she continued: “Days pass by and Muhammad Ramadan was filming the series“ Al Ostora ”, while I was filming“ Industrial Divorce ”at the same location, and we had a door separating us from each other, and he knew of my presence and I wanted to shake hands with him, so they told me that he was changing his clothes.

Houria Farghali expressed her surprise that Muhammad Ramadan had not been asked about her throughout her illness, and that he did not go out of his room to shake hands with her, even though he was close to her, and she complimented him at the beginning and presented him with free movies.

When asked about her opinion of his behavior with her, she said: “What do I say? What is in him is enough, ”referring to the crises he is exposed to all the time because of his controversial actions and statements.


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