The world may enter an era of instability


The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, warned that the world may enter an era of instability, at the international level, with the growth of China’s power, and the emergence of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and robots, which may be decisive in wars.

General Milli compared the current era to other major geopolitical shifts that have occurred in world history, including the fall of Rome and the collapse of the Soviet Union.
“We are entering a period of potential instability at the international level,” Milley said in a speech delivered at Howard University.

Milley said China’s growing power is bringing about a change in the status quo after decades in which the United States was essentially “the undisputed global military, political and economic power.”

Mele warned that geopolitical change is being accompanied by technological innovation in robots, hypersonic weapons, artificial intelligence and other technologies, adding that they are “unusually disruptive technologies that may be crucial in managing wars.”

Millie’s comments come days after US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned that the United States needs to prepare for a potential future conflict that is very different from the “old wars” that have depleted the Department of Defense for a long time.


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