The World Health Organization classifies the Indian breed as “alarming”


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                On Monday, the World Health Organization classified the modified Indian strain of the Corona virus as "alarming." Every day, four thousand Covid-19 deaths are recorded in India, where the total toll is close to 250 thousand.

                                    <p>She said<a target="_blank" href="أمريكا/20210501-موديرنا-يصبح-خامس-لقاح-ضد-فيروس-كورونا-ينال-ترخيص-منظمة-الصحة-العالمية" rel="noopener"><strong>  World Health Organization</strong></a>  Monday it is classified <a target="_blank" href="آسيا/20210428-الصحة-العالمية-تعلن-رصد-السلالة-المتحورة-الهندية-لفيروس-كورونا-في-17-دولة-على-الأقل" rel="noopener"><strong>Corona virus mutated discovered in India</strong></a>  BP 1.617 was identified as "of concern," especially because of its potential for further outbreaks.

“There is information indicating that B.1.617 is more capable of spreading, in addition to elements that lead to the belief that they are somehow able to resist vaccines, and therefore we decided to classify them as a worrisome mutant,” said Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s technical officer in charge of combating Covid-19. World level. ”

Van Kerkhove explained that additional details will be published Tuesday in the weekly epidemiological report of the UN agency, but it requires a lot of research on the mutated “to know the amount of the virus spreading” and also its ability to limit the effectiveness of vaccines.

Van Kerkhove stressed, “There is no suggestion at the present time that our diagnoses, medicines and vaccines are useless. This is important.” She stressed the need to continue adhering to health measures such as social distancing, wearing masks, and reducing mixing.

“We will see more worrisome mutations and we must do everything possible to reduce the spread, reduce infections, avoid infection and reduce the severity of the disease,” Van Kerkhove said.

A global epidemiological focus

This modification is one of the causes of the pandemic sweeping India, which is currently considered the largest epidemic focus in the world, but it is not the only cause.

According to official statistics, four thousand Covid-19 deaths are recorded daily in India, with the total toll close to 250,000.

Many experts consider this toll to be much lower than the real figure, referring in particular to the data received from the crematoria.

The unregistered victims are many, as the current epidemic boom has crossed major cities and has expanded to rural areas, whose hospitals are few and their records are rarely updated.

France 24 / AFP



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