The “white fungus” displaces lions … a disease that threatens a more serious disaster, and those who are threatened


During the past hours, the circles were busy talking about the “black fungus” disease, and reports continued to find out any new details about a disease that was absent from mind and returned with the outbreak of the Corona virus in India. However, the black fungus is no longer the master of the situation now. The Indian Express newspaper revealed, in a report issued Sunday, that the white fungus disease appeared in the country, which is more dangerous and more deadly than its black counterpart.

Those who are being threatened
According to the information, the white fungus disease threatens those with weak immunity or those who take steroids for a long period of time, and some cases of white fungus disease have been reported in Patna State.

Other reports have stated that “candidiasis”, “oral thrush”, or even “oral thrush” are all terms used for “white fungus”, which is an accumulation of a type of “Candida albicans” fungi specifically on the tongue, where it appears In the form of white patches inside the mouth, according to the Mayo Clinic website.

Although its presence may be normal at times inside the mouth, its danger lies when it spreads to the roof of the mouth, the gums or tonsils.Doctors usually see this type of fungus among infants or the elderly, or any of the people who receive treatments that lower the level of the immune system, which may be a big problem if the immune system is weak and unable to resist it.

In severe cases, the person may not be able to swallow food or feel the presence of something in the throat, which may mean that these fungi have spread and reached the esophagus.

Notify the authorities

The newspaper also added that while the central government is asking the states to notify the authorities of cases of black fungus disease or mucous fungus disease, an infection called white fungus was also found, confirming that these new cases of white fungus were found in the states of Patna and Bihar.

In turn, Dr. Arunesh Kumar, Senior Consultant and Head of Respiratory Medicine, stated that this infection is more dangerous than black fungus disease.

It is noteworthy that a report published by the Indian “News 18” network said that after reporting 4 confirmed cases of infection with the white fungus, experts indicated that “fungal infection” may become more dangerous than previously.

These developments came a few days after the Indian Ministry of Health confirmed that the black fungus is responsible for at least 50% of Corona deaths in the country.


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