The video of “bullying” against a vegetable seller in Saudi Arabia provokes interaction and martyrdom in the style of Prince Faisal bin Badr


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Social media activists widely circulated a video clip of a conversation between a man and a vegetable seller in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during one day of Ramadan.

In the circulating video, a person asks a street vendor in the kingdom if she is Saudi and what prompted her to go out in the heat of the sun during the day in Ramadan and whether she had social security before criticizing her for not asking the government for support to sit in the hot sun.

Amidst the wide interaction, activists cited a video clip in which they compared the way Prince Faisal bin Bandar dealt with a saleswoman in a park, where he bought and distributed sweets to children who were there, and the style of “bullying” to the person shown in the video.

Local Saudi media reported that the Public Prosecution in the Kingdom had summoned the person appearing in the video, as a newspaper previously reported: “The Public Prosecution summoned a person who photographed and published a video clip of a woman selling vegetables to be investigated and to apply the legal procedures .. The prosecution calls upon everyone to follow the regular procedures. To report any violation, without violating the private life of individuals, or infringing on their system-guaranteed rights.

The following is a review of a number of what activists have circulated about this section:


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