The UAE signs a contract for reconnaissance ships worth $ 950 million


The UAE signs a contract for reconnaissance ships worth $ 950 million

Wednesday – 7 Shawwal 1442 AH – 19 May 2021 AD Issue No. [

“Falaj 3” ships are considered from the maritime patrol ships and are used to carry out a range of tasks (Middle East)

Abu Dhabi: «Asharq Al-Awsat»

Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company said that it won a contract worth 3.5 billion dirhams ($ 950 million) from the Ministry of Defense and the UAE Navy, with the aim of building four “Falaj 3” maritime patrol vessels for the benefit of the UAE Navy, explaining that the new contract is the largest agreement on The launch is concluded by Abu Dhabi Company.
Khalid Al-Braiki, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Ship Building and Head of Mission Support Sector at Edge, said: “This agreement reflects the great confidence on the part of the Ministry of Defense, the UAE Navy and the UAE Navy in Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Company. The contract will provide the company with an ideal platform for sustainable profit growth and the preservation of the strategic national assets of paramount importance for the defense of the UAE. ”
David Massey, CEO of Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Company, said: “Our relationships with key stakeholders have grown stronger since the company became part of the Edge Group. This contract will reinforce our shared commitment to serving the UAE Navy and providing them with the right products and advanced ship solutions to achieve a safer future. We look forward to expanding and strengthening our vessel portfolio in the future. ”
Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Company stated that it had previously worked on building “Baynunah” Corvette vessels for the benefit of the UAE Navy. The last ship of this class was delivered in 2017, and Falaj 3 vessels are highly flexible marine patrol vessels And versatility, as it is used to perform a wide range of tasks.
Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company oversees a shipyard in the UAE capital, and operates three major marine programs: Corvette warships, small patrol vessels, and fast patrol boats. The company also offers a full range of solutions for maintenance, repair, retrofitting, upgrading, conversion and engineering consultancy services.
Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company is part of the Platforms and Systems Division of Edge, the advanced technology group in the UAE defense sector.

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