The UAE sends a plane carrying 30 tons of relief materials to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


On Wednesday, the UAE sent a plane carrying 30 tons of urgent foodstuffs to Saint Vincent Island, and about 5,000 people will benefit from it, to alleviate the humanitarian repercussions that the population was exposed to as a result of the eruption of the Volcano Lasofriere in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean Sea, which resulted About 15 thousand people are displaced.

Badr Abdullah Al-Matroushi, the UAE ambassador to Cuba and the country’s representative to the Association of Caribbean States, said: “The UAE always seeks to provide possible support to brotherly and friendly countries in such circumstances, which require solidarity and cooperation at all levels.”

He added: Sending a food plane to St. Vincent reflects the continuous efforts made by the UAE in providing basic needs to relieve those affected by the negative effects of environmental disasters. (WAM)


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