“The Trio” in Spears’ secrets, comedy and play


“The Trio” is the title of the new impromptu show hosted by “Studio Laban” (Spears Street) on May 8, 9 and 10. The three evenings come within the framework of the various activities that this Beiruti space has been keen to organize over the past months, and they will be available virtually as well. The show revolves around secrets from the story of triplets. In the introductory text of the show, the show’s organizers assert that it contains “buried secrets that will take shape within our new improvised game,” promising “unrepeatable entertainment”.
* The “Trio” show: Saturday 8, Sunday 9, and Monday 10 May – 9 pm Beirut time – “Laban Studio” (Zico House – Sanayeh – Beirut). For inquiries: 71/289031. Watch online link.

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