“The secret of my beauty and the secret of my furniture” .. Habib Al-Habib leads the trend by imitating Bader Khalaf! – Norte Newspaper


Both the Emirati beauty expert and the social media starBader Khalaf And the Saudi representative Beloved loverThe trend after the latter imitated the first in yesterday’s episode of the satirical program Studio 21, which is shown on MBC1 throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

And the beloved mastered making feminine movements as he does behind in the ring, wearing a long blond wig and wearing a female costume as he does Bader Khalaf In his videos that he broadcasts on social media, during which he provides advice to girls.

The beloved said in the video: “From a long time ago, I brought you sweet news. Today we talk about girls who do not care about their skin. Hear, you are not how you do not care about your skin, I will slaughter you and cut off your head if you do not care about your skin.”

He added: “What is important is the secret of my beauty and the secret of my femininity, you always ask me about the secret of my beauty and femininity, with handcuffs, who do not put down a mask, O Lord, take it.” Then he cut the supplication, saying: “I ask forgiveness of God, I do not let me pray on you.” And he continued: “Hear me girls, the catchers are the most important thing. In life, it is the key to beauty, and in order to take care of your body and your waist, today a dance class is needed for you.

Turn commented Bader Khalaf To mimic Beloved lover Where he posted a picture of him with the title “Bader KhalafHe published another picture of the beloved while imitating him, and a writer commented on it: “Badr Allah will succeed him.”


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