The Saudi stock market is down 1.83% during the week, with losses of 14.81 billion riyals


Mubasher – Thabet Shehata: The Saudi stock market ended its weekly transactions with a noticeable decline, returning its losses after two weeks of rising, under direct pressure from 3 major sectors, amid a decline in liquidity compared to the previous week.

The general market index “TASI” recorded a decline of 1.83% during the week ending May 6, 2021, equivalent to 190.63 points, which fell to the level of 10,228.35 points, compared to 10,418.98 at the end of the previous week.

And the market capital lost about 14.81 billion riyals, so the market value of listed shares fell to 9.642 trillion riyals, compared to 9.656 trillion riyals, in the week ending April 29, 2021.

The market losses came in light of the decline in 10 sectors, led by the banking sector, which fell by 2.93%, the telecommunications sector declined by 3.42%, and the basic materials sector recorded a decline of 2.24%.

The rest of the sectors came in green, and the consumer services sector led the gains, with an increase of about 4%, and the energy sector ended its weekly dealings, up 0.53%, contradicting the performance of the main sectors.

Trading values ​​decreased by 24.86% during the week to about 36 billion riyals, compared to 48 billion riyals in the previous week, after the volume of trading fell to about 1.3 billion shares, compared to 1.76 billion shares for the previous week, down 25%.

Regarding the performance of stocks, “Cisco” share recorded the highest losses during the week, after falling 9.94%, and the highest gain was for “Ataa”, which rose 8.81%.

Dar Al-Arkan controlled stock activity at all levels, with a trading volume of 161.37 million shares, amounting to about 1.7 billion riyals.

With regard to the parallel market, the index (growth of a ceiling) ended its weekly transactions, up by 5.97%, adding 1,445.95 points to its balance, reaching the level of 25,655.06 points.

Parallel trading values ​​increased to 127.14 million riyals compared to 57.78 million riyals for the previous week, after the volume of trading rose to about 1.9 million shares, compared to about 999 thousand shares, the trading volume of the previous week.


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