The Saudi stock market continues its decline for the second session … with the continued low liquidity


Riyadh – Mubasher: The Saudi stock market “Tadawul” continued its losses at the end of Sunday’s session, to record its second consecutive decline, in light of the decline of 3 major sectors, with the continued decline in liquidity.

And ended the general index of the market “TASI” its dealings, down 0.51%, losing 53.47 points of its value, it fell to the level of 10,365.51 points.

Trading values ​​decreased to 8.3 billion riyals through about 321 million shares, compared to 9.83 billion riyals through 365.3 million shares by the end of last Thursday’s session.

Ten sectors closed in red, led by the banking sector, which recorded a 1.25% decline, the basic materials sector retreated 1.06%, and the telecom sector losses reached 0.65%.

The rest of the sectors were higher, and the consumer services sector led the gains, after rising by 3.65%, and the energy sector was unlike the performance of the major sectors, with an increase of 0.18%.

Regarding the performance of the shares, 85 stocks recorded a negative performance, led by “Alujain”, which closed down 4.92%, while 105 shares closed, in green, led by “Seera” by 7.72%.

The share of “Seera” recorded the highest trading value, at 619.77 million riyals, while “Dar Al-Arkan” led the quantities, about 48.8 million shares.

The parallel market witnessed a remarkable decline by the end of Sunday’s session, to close the index (growth ceiling), down 2.21%, with losses amounting to 534.16 points, falling to the level of 23,674.95 points.

All shares of the parallel closed in red, with the National Company for Construction and Marketing, which fell 4%, followed by “Watani Steel” by 1.49%.

The Saudi stock market ended “Tadawul”, last Thursday’s session, down by 1.07%, to resume its losses after 5 sessions of rise, amid declining liquidity compared to the previous session.


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