The Saudi embassy in Khartoum succeeds in gathering the parties of eastern Sudan


Sudanese praise for the Kingdom’s permanent support for them

The efforts of the Embassy of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in the Republic of Sudan resulted in bringing together the leaders of the Native Administration in eastern Sudan and culminated in the achievement of a historic handshake between the leaders of the Eastern Poles, the headmaster of the Hudandawa tribe, Muhammad al-Amin Turk, and the overseer of the Bani Amer tribe, Mr. Ali Ibrahim Daglal, at a Ramadan breakfast hosted by the Custodian Ambassador The Two Holy Mosques in Sudan, Ali bin Hassan Jaafar, at his residence in Khartoum this evening (Tuesday) for the principals, mayors, sultans, and the leaders of the Native Administration in Sudan, in addition to the principals and mayors of al-Ababda, the Basharin, and a group of community and community leaders in eastern Sudan.

For his part, the headmaster of the Bani tribe, Amer Ali Ibrahim Daglal, praised the specificity of relations between Sudan and the Kingdom, stressing that the bilateral relations are ancient and multi-faceted, especially with regard to cultural, social and economic relations.

Nazer Muhammad al-Amin also praised the Kingdom’s stances in support of Sudan at all levels and levels, pointing to the need for communication between the leaders of the East on the social level, stressing that the differences in eastern Sudan are political, not tribal.

And all expressed their thanks to Ambassador Jaafar, who declared his permanent welcome to all Sudanese under the umbrella of the embassy and the Kingdom that loves Sudan and the Sudanese.


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