The Saudi artist, Habib Al-Habib, and his video imitating Muhammad Ramadan in the moment of the fall and throwing dollars in the water provokes an interaction


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Saudi artist, Habib Al-Habib, sparked an interaction between activists on social media, after a video clip in which he imitated the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan.

The circulating video clip, published by MBC, on Tuesday, shows Habib Al Habib performing dancing movements on a song by the artist Mohamed Ramadan before moving on to imitate the moment the Egyptian artist fell on a stage in Dubai, at the end of November 2020, while he was on his way to receive his honor From the “hospitality” festival.

The Saudi artist also imitated the appearance of the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan He was throwing dollars in a swimming pool, which sparked widespread interaction among activists on social media, and reached a comment from the former Al-Azhar agent, Abbas Shoman, who said in a post on his Facebook page at the time: “God is the matter … Activists on social media circulate a video of a controversial actor.” And he throws dollars into the water, and this action is more than contradicting the provisions of our righteous law, because it is an insult to grace and enters into the circle of foolishness requiring a stone to the one who does it, so it provokes the feelings of the poor who do not have food for their day .. ”

The following is a review of a number of comments made by the activists about the beloved tradition of Ramadan:


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