The rumor of death follows Bassem Yakhour after his recovery from Corona


A while ago, news spread on social media about the death of the Syrian star Bassem Yakhour As a result of complications from the Corona virus, which he contracted a while ago.
In turn, “Madam” contacted the Syrian star, who confirmed that he was fine and in good health and recovered after being infected with the Coronavirus.
Bassem was surprised by the goals that the rumors are aiming for and what they achieve by spreading fake news that harms people.
On the other hand, and on the technical level, Bassem will be present during the Ramadan season in the series “Ali Saneh Hot” written by Ali Wajih and Yamen Al-Hajli and directed by Saif Al-Din Subaie. The work achieves very high follow-up rates.

Basem Yakhour after recovering from Corona
Basem Yakhour after recovering from Corona


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