The rise of the US trade deficit to a new record


The US Commerce Department data released today, Tuesday, showed that the US trade deficit increased during last March.
The Ministry of Trade stated that the trade balance deficit increased during last March to 74.4 billion dollars compared to 70.5 billion dollars, according to the revised data during last February.The trade deficit came in line with analysts’ estimates, who expected the deficit to rise in March to $ 74.5 billion, compared to $ 71.1 billion in February, according to preliminary data.

The increase in the trade deficit during last March was due to the increase in the value of imports by 6.3% to 274.5 billion dollars after declining in February by 0.7% to 258.1 billion dollars.

At the same time, the value of US exports rose during last March by 6.6% to $ 200 billion, after declining in February by 2.4% to $ 187.6 billion.


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