The rise of Kuwait Stock Exchange – Al-Raya Newspaper


Kuwait – Qena:

The Kuwait Stock Exchange closed its transactions yesterday, at an increase of 3.11 points in the general market index, reaching a level of 63.6183 points, a rise of 0.05 percent. Yesterday’s session witnessed the circulation of a volume of shares amounting to 497.9 million shares, which took place through the implementation of 16129 cash deals worth 81.8 million Kuwaiti dinars (about 253.5 million US dollars).

On the other hand, the main market index decreased 0.09 points to reach a level of 5222.29 points through a quantity of shares amounting to 310.9 million shares, which were concluded through the conclusion of 10244 cash transactions worth 27.3 million dinars (about 84.6 million dollars).

The first market index rose 4.5 points to reach the level of 6683.65 points, with an increase of 0.7 percent through an amount of 187.04 million shares, through the implementation of 5885 deals worth 54.5 million dinars (about 168.9 million dollars).

The (Main 50) index also rose about 12.44 points to reach the level of 5389.76 points, with a rise of 0.23 percent through the amount of shares amounting to

199.2 million shares were concluded through the conclusion of 6332 cash transactions worth 19.05 million dinars (about 59.05 million dollars).


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