The protest against the Emirati – Israeli alliance in Beirut


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The post, which was circulated on social media, carried the slogans “Normalization is treason” and “Together in the face of the printed regimes,” calling for the raising of Palestinian and Lebanese flags only.

Al-Akhbar newspaper confirmed that after the event, the Future Movement issued a statement rejecting the attempt to “monopolize support for the Palestinian cause and solidarity with the Palestinian people in the face of the persistent Israeli aggression,” and to place it in the category of “national auctions against countries and peoples that have devoted their efforts, money and lives to support Palestine and its people.”

In the context of defending the systems of normalization, partnership and alliance with the enemy, headed by the “godfather” of President-designate Saad Hariri and the last Gulf state that supported it, the Emirati regime, the Future Movement described the call to reject normalization as “suspicious and aimed at deepening the disagreement between Lebanon and its Arab brothers.”

Especially since the relations with the occupation do not concern the Emirates only, but they include a large group of Arab countries which, despite the path that international and regional relations are heading, are still in the advanced ranks to affirm the right of the Palestinian people to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Hariri, who had already gone the day before yesterday to the Lebanese-Palestinian borders, to show solidarity with the rights of the Palestinians and their cause, warned of “persisting in abusive policies for relations with our Arab brothers, at the forefront of which is the United Arab Emirates.”

In an attempt by Hariri to prevent the protest against the Emirati-Israeli alliance by threatening to use the street to suppress this protest, Al-Mustaqbal’s statement indicated that he would face this “provocative call by Arab embassies with a corresponding invitation from the movement.”


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