The price of iron and cement today, Friday, May 7, 2021


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Al-Masry Al-Youm provides a price development service Iron and cement During today’s trading, Friday, May 7, 2021, as prices are affected, up and down, by several factors, including the volume of production and supply in the market and the corresponding demand on the other side, and energy prices are one of the main factors affecting the determination of the price of these products, as they are energy-intensive industries. , And the lowest price was in a ton Iron Between 13 thousand and 700 pounds.

The iron factories finished announcing their new prices beginning this May, which witnessed an increase, as the iron market witnessed the announcement of a number of Iron factories And companies sudden increases in the prices of a ton of iron, justifying the increase in global market prices.

Ezz Steel led the announcement of the price increase in the factories, as Ezz Steel announced today an increase in the price of a ton of iron by 150 pounds per ton, and Ezz Steel informed the agents of the price increase beginning in May, and after the increase was announced, this means that the price of a ton of Ezz Steel reaches 13,800 pounds per ton. Handing over the factory land increases the price per ton until it reaches the consumer and reaches 14,100 pounds per ton.

After Ezz announced the increase in its prices, then the Egyptian Steel Company announced the price increase by 150 pounds per ton, bringing the price per ton starting from May also to 13700 pounds. The factory land also delivered.

Several days ago, Ezz Steel Company announced an increase in the prices of sheet “tin” by about 1750 pounds per ton, to be implemented on the first of next May, explaining that the increase is due to the rise in international prices of crude.

Iron dealers criticized the price increase at the present time, especially as the market suffers from declining sales rates, and there was no need to increase prices in light of the current slowdown in demand for iron. On the other hand, some expected market activity during the coming period and an increase in demand for steel after introducing new construction conditions in a number of cities, which would push real estate investors to revitalize their business again after a hiatus of several months.

It is estimated that there is a current calm in the movement of construction and construction, which is due to several factors, including the month of Ramadan, in which construction rates generally decline, although there are hopes for a revival of sales with the start of the normalization of new building requirements in a number of cities.

Iron prices during trading on Friday 7 May 2021:

The price of a ton of Ezz Steel is 13800 – handing over the factory land, as the cost is expected to increase by about 300 pounds per ton until it reaches the consumer.

The price of a ton of iron with tea is 13700.

The price of a ton of iron from the Egyptians is 13700.

Cement prices in the local market during today’s trading, Friday, May 7, 2021:

The price of a ton of Lafarge cement is 980 pounds.

The price of a ton of Swedish cement is 910 pounds.

The price of a ton of Suez cement is 900 pounds.

The price of a ton of Egyptian cement, Beni Suef, is 890 pounds.

Calm dominates the construction and building operations currently, especially during the month of Ramadan, when construction slows down due to the fasting hours of the day, while experts believe that the real estate market will witness a boom during the next few period, especially with the initiatives launched by the state aiming to facilitate procedures for obtaining housing units that suit all levels, the latest of which is The real estate financing initiative, with an interest rate not exceeding 3%.

In a related context, the Building Materials Export Council data revealed an increase in the rate of exports from Cement During the last months of January and February, to reach about $ 36 million compared to $ 26 million during the same period last year, and 7 countries accounted for about 86% of exports during that period, as Libya topped the list of these countries and 26% of the total exports, with a value of 9.3 One million dollars, while Kenya acquired 20% of exports with a value of $ 7.1 million, while Sudan came in third place, accounting for 19.7% of total exports, valued at $ 7.1 million, and Ghana, with 7.26%, at a value of $ 2.61 million.

On the other hand, the Economic Zone General Authority stated in its report issued on the performance of its subsidiary ports during the year 2020, that the export of packed cement to West Africa for the first time from the new berths contributed to an increase in collection revenues by 15%, circulation by 18.5% and an increase in truck traffic by 38.1%. Container shiploads increased by 11.6% compared to the year before last.


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