The “Pfizer” vaccine expects children very soon … and these are the target ages


The company “Pfizer” stated that it expects the US Food and Drug Administration to authorize the use of its Corona virus vaccine for children between the ages of 12 and 15 years early next week.Pfizer Chairman Albert Burla told investors in a conference call that the permit should be issued “soon,” noting that “we also expect to have safety data for the second phase of our ongoing study on pregnant women by late July and early August.”

The company announced in late March that it would ask the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to extend its emergency use permit to allow young people to receive the vaccine, citing clinical trials that showed the vaccine elicits “excellent efficacy and strong antibody responses” in adolescents ages 12 to 15. Years old.Pfizer is conducting studies on children to determine the safety and benefits of giving its vaccine to young people, and the company plans to submit two new applications for licensing emergency use in September, with one application covering children ages 2 to 5, while a second application applies to children ages 5 to 11.


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