The percentage is 100%.. An American study reveals the effectiveness of the Chinese Sinopharma vaccine to prevent corona


The countries of the world are racing to obtain the largest possible quantity of doses of the Corona vaccine to immunize a sufficient number of people to stop the spread of the Corona virus, after it has become almost certain that there is no treatment for Covid-19 disease, in an attempt to gradually return life to its previous state.

The prestigious American Medical Association Journal published a revised study that concluded that the two vaccines of the Chinese company “Sinopharma” against the Coronavirus are effective, and the two vaccines adopt the traditional method of dealing with the epidemic, that is, the inactivated virus that is being treated.

The study said that the clinical trials that conducted the two vaccines included 40,000 volunteers in the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan, and none of the volunteers in these clinical trials for these two vaccines had any severe ill health, and no side effects occurred to the recipients of the two vaccines except on a very rare scale, and most of them were not. It has to do with both vaccines.

The study found that the two vaccines are effective at a rate ranging from 72.8 percent to 78.1 percent in cases of infection with symptoms of corona, and they also showed effectiveness of up to 100 percent against severe cases of “Covid-19” disease caused by the virus, and the vaccines led to the production of antibodies Measurable antibody among clinical trial participants.


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