The opening of the first and largest Saudi private vaccination centers as part of the national campaign to combat “Corona”


          The International Medical Center opens the Ramadan tent to provide the vaccine to the beneficiaries            

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          <p>Within the social responsibility programs, the International Medical Center started providing a service to provide the "Covid-19" vaccine in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, within the scope of the national campaign to combat the "Corona" virus (Covid-19), and with the International Medical Center being the first to register 95% of Its affiliates are among those immunized from the Corona virus, and with the increase in the number of those coming to take the vaccine, the increase in the demand for registration in the “My Health” application, and the search for the choice of registering appointments at the International Medical Center ... Vaccination daily, as the center started building a large tent inside the park adjacent to it, and increasing the number of volunteers from its employees in this initiative to reach 50 volunteers to serve the community, and for the International Medical Center to be one of the largest vaccination centers within the national campaign to combat the Corona virus, and through a distinguished service Complies with the center's healthcare standards.

The construction of the tent was completed on an extension of 2000 square meters with a maximum capacity of 4000 beneficiaries from taking the vaccine daily, within a record time that did not exceed 8 days after the decision to establish it. An integrated team from the various departments of the International Medical Center participated in building and equipping the tent, including: the operation department, the infection control department, the pharmaceutical services department, the laboratory department, the medical engineering department, the information technology department, in addition to a specialized team of doctors and nurses.

Dr. Walid Fitaihi, Chairman and CEO of the International Medical Center, said, “The opening of the Ramadan tent for vaccination comes as the center senses its responsibility for the need to cooperate with the Ministry of Health in its campaign, which is the campaign of our entire country on the one hand, and work to facilitate the arrival of the vaccine to everyone from Members of our community on the other hand, until we reach the stage of safety in a 100% fortified society. ”

Dr. added. Walid Fitaihi: “This Ramadan tent embodies a different concept for Ramadan tents from what prevailed in some of our societies from Ramadan tents that are related in minds only to food, drink and concepts of entertainment, because here we have made sure that our tent embodies the values ​​and meanings of Ramadan in mercy and giving and touches the needs of the community around us. And cooperation in righteousness and piety is the most important thing that our society needs, but the whole world at this particular time, which is to confront the specter of death or disease represented by the Corona virus, as we read daily news of some countries in which the matter has turned into historical disasters due to neglect and poor health care. And weak community cooperation ».

And Dr. Walid Fitaihi said: “I take this opportunity to express my thanks to the Ministry of Health for choosing the International Medical Center as the first hospital in the private health sector in the Western Region to provide the vaccine against the Coronavirus, and I also express my happiness for the Ministry’s confidence in the existence of the expertise, competencies, operational capacity and absorptive capacity of the Medical Center. The international community for the completion of the largest community service project during the current period, which coincides with the start of Ramadan. I also thank the Jeddah Municipality for the joint cooperation and its response in granting the licenses required to establish the Ramadan tent in the garden.

At the end of his speech, Dr. So, I suggest that the coming period will witness greater facilitation in the electronic registration service for scheduling appointments through the “My Health” application with the increase in capacity with the opening of the Ramadan tent, which he stated that its work will continue after Ramadan “until we all achieve our common goals by reaching a fortified and safe society, God willing.”

For his part, Dr. Nashaat Hamza, a consultant in internal medicine and head of the infection control unit at the International Medical Center, said that the establishment of the vaccination tent is the culmination of efforts that lasted about a year and a half for the International Medical Center with the start of the spread of the Corona virus, during which the center was a forerunner in efforts to combat the virus and preserve For a safe therapeutic environment, and for which it has won many national awards in recognition of those efforts.

Regarding the doses of the “Pfizer” vaccine, Dr. Ali Saber, Director of the Center’s Pharmaceutical Services, stated that the pharmaceutical services prepare the vaccination doses until the date of injecting the vaccine to the beneficiary with superior standards and the latest experience and in the most secure way in special sterile rooms. The required temperature until it reaches the vaccination center, in full internal cooperation between the departments of the International Medical Center for the success of this work in the best way.

* Consultant in community medicine


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