“The one who did not like him was affected by his departure” … touching words from Walid Al-Faraj in the first episode without Al-Tuwaijri!


Sports Observatory: Media journalist Walid Al-Faraj released influential words in the first episode of the program without the presence of Adel Al-Tuwaijri.

Al-Faraj said during his speech: What does it mean to conceal from you the difficulty of today’s episode is the first episode after the Eid a week ago, everyone knows we lost a dear brother, Professor Adel Al-Tuwaijri, and the truth is the topic was a great shock, the shock of loss, the shock of surprise, and the great shock of life that we spent with some in all channels.

He continued: But this is the judgment of God and his destiny. I would not have consumed a lot of the episode, but Al-Tuwaijri was one of the pillars of the sports media in the Kingdom and everyone interacted with this event, but life must go on, and whoever loved him and who was not loved by everyone was affected by his departure.


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