The new Windows 10 update replaces Windows 95 icons with new icons


Picture: The new update from Windows 10 replaces Windows 95 icons with new icons

Microsoft continues to update its main operating system, Windows 10, with a set of recent developments, not only at the security level, but also at the aesthetic and graphic level, especially with regard to the icons for which the Windows system has been famous for years, according to the competent media.

The Windows Latest site detected new changes in the latest upcoming update of Windows 10, and it is related to the Windows 10 Sun Valley update, where the site said that in addition to the new icons for File Explorer folders and system applications, Microsoft will also get rid of its Windows 95 icons, such as Hibernate screen and floppy disks, these new icons closely mimic icons already present on Microsoft 365, Microsoft Launcher, and other Microsoft products.


According to Windows Latest, the old icons have been given a unique color to add a modern feel and distinction, as the Windows 10 Sun Valley update promises a comprehensive user interface overhaul that improves design consistency, in addition to that, the new update seeks to improve design consistency with rounded corners and more. It’s Fluent Design, the Real Dark Mode Experience, and other features, so much so that your desktop might look very different from the current version of Windows 10.

The new update is expected to come in October or November.


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