The most beautiful Eid hairstyles from Saudi fashion blogs


Undoubtedly, all women want to have the most beautiful Hairstyles Which keeps pace with fashion trends, to enhance the beauty of her appearance, especially during Eid Al Fitr. And because fashionistas and fashion blogs are a source of inspiration for girls and women, we have spotted for you in this article, a collection of the most beautiful Eid hairstyles from the most famous fashionistas andFashion Blogs Saudi women.

Hairstyle dangle with accessories from Anoud Al Badr

Alanoud Badr (photo from her Instagram account)
Alanoud Badr (photo from her Instagram account)

There is no doubt that drop-down hairstyles are among the most common hairstyles among women in general, but you can adopt them on Eid in a distinctive youthful style, based on the Saudi fascinista method, Anoud Al-Badr, known as fozaza, so that you collect a section of hair and install it with Small accessoriesAs for the other section of the hair, make it drop on the shoulder.

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Rose cake hairstyle by Tamara El Qabbani

Tamara El Qabbani (Image via Instagram)
Tamara El Qabbani (Image via Instagram)

Prepare Bun hairstyle The high rise is one of the best options for holidays and events, including Eid al-Fitr, as it makes the features of the face look taut and highlights the woman’s face, in addition to being elegant and very comfortable at the same time. Adopt it in the style of Saudi fashion blogger Tamara Qabbani, based on pulling the entire hair up and making it in the form of a bun. To add a distinctive touch to this hairdo, decorate it with rose petals.

Hairstyle straight hair with bundana by Darine Al Yawer

Darren Al-Yawer (Image via Instagram)
Darren Al-Yawer (Image via Instagram)

If you are adopting an equal-length bob that reaches at the borders of the neck, you can adopt for the Eid the straight, down-to-earth hairstyle decorated with bundana cloth encrusted with distinct stones, in the manner of Saudi fashion blogger Darin Al-Yawar.

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Hairstyle raised curl from Ghalia Mahmoud

Ghalia Mahmoudi (Image via Instagram)

This hairstyle is very distinctive, and gives a woman an attractive feminine look. And since braids hairstyles, of all kinds, are so popular, you can adopt Curl hairstyle Raised during Eid in the style of Saudi fashion blogger Ghalia Mahmoudi, which is based on creating a braid and wrapping it at the front of the head, while leaving some locks of hair hanging down on both sides of the face.

The hairstyle is half raised from Ma Aqil

Lama Al-Aqeel (Image via Instagram)
Lama Al-Aqeel (Image via Instagram)

If you love half-up hairstyles, you can adopt the half-up hairstyle, which is based on pulling the front part of the hair back, and leaving the rest of the hair down on the back and shoulders, in the fashion of the Saudi fascist Lama Al-Aqeel.

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