The Ministry of Health withdraws a medical device that causes strokes – UAE – News and reports


The Ministry of Health and Community Protection decided to withdraw a medical device that could cause a stroke, and warned against another that might endanger the lives of patients, and it was circulated to all health authorities in the country to take the necessary measures regarding it.

In detail, the Ministry stated that it had withdrawn the medical device ” Precise PRO RX US Carotid System BY Cordis”It is used to treat patients who suffer from narrowing of the carotid arteries, due to the detachment of the device tip during use, may cause serious injuries due to the removal of the separated end from the carotid artery, which may lead to joining or stroke.

The Ministry recommended the health authorities to take the necessary measures towards stopping the use of the product if it is available, and in the event that any side effects occur to its users, the Ministry must be contacted directly..

In another circular, the Ministry warned all health facilities and all health care practitioners in the private health sector against the medical method. ” LIFEPAK CR2 defibrillators”, Due to the possibility of the device cover magnet being detached from the device, as the cover magnet is the basic method by which the device will be switched on and off by opening or closing the cover, in the event that the battery comes out of its place, the battery may run out prematurely, even if the device is not in operation, as Users may not be able to operate the device if they do not use the on or off button, or if the battery is completely depleted.

The Ministry recommended continuing to use the device in the event that it is not activated when the cover is opened, by using the power button and following the updated operating instructions, indicating that the method is for the use of health care practitioners only.



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