The Ministry of Health announces the approval of subsidizing drug bills stored in warehouses … When will the distribution start?


The media office of the Ministry of Public Health issued the following statement: “The contacts that took place in recent days between the Ministry of Public Health and the Central Bank of Lebanon led to the approval of support for drug bills stored in importers’ warehouses that arrived in Lebanon before the bank’s circular regarding the need to obtain prior approval. Its value is about one hundred and eighty (180) million dollars and covers most of the medicines and infant formula products missing in the market.

The Ministry of Public Health will monitor the start of distribution, starting tomorrow morning, in a fair and transparent manner to all Lebanese regions.

According to the agreement communicated by the Ministry and the importers from the concerned authorities in the bank, the ministry will be the authority responsible for determining the priorities of pharmaceutical purchases in quantity and quality according to the need of the drug market, and it will also continue to determine the available stock of all items in a way that does not allow misuse of the subsidy, in order to ensure its continuity and in line with the issued statement. Today, about the Banque du Liban, which highlighted the imperative of restoring balance to the drug market.

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