The mechanism for determining the eligibility of candidates for the Iranian presidential elections


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In a direct dialogue with Al-Alam TV regarding the eligibility of the Iranian presidential election candidates, and the candidates ’right to object to the decision, Kadhdadi affirmed:“ We in the presidential elections do not reject the powers, but rather we choose the people who are qualified and most suitable for the presidency. They are rejected, but rather we choose people who meet the necessary conditions. ”

On his question about the possibility of changing that composition in the future, Kadhdadi pointed out that today is the last day on which the truth of the matter becomes clear and we have been given a legal time limit, and the Islamic Consultative Assembly does not have any other opportunity to reconsider.

The Presidential Election Commission of the Ministry of the Interior announced the final list of candidates whose eligibility for the presidential elections in Iran was confirmed by the Guardian Council.

The committee stated that, based on Article 60 of the Presidential Elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran, we announce below the names of the 13 presidential candidates whose eligibility has been confirmed by the Guardian Council:

1-Saeed Jalili – Nomination No. 22

2- Mohsen Rezaei – Nomination No. 44

3- Ibrahim Raisi – Nomination No. 33

4- Ali Reza Zakani – Nomination No. 55

5- Amir Hussain Qadizada Hashemi – Nomination No. 66

6- Mohsen Mehrli Zadeh – nomination number 77

7- Abdel Nasser Humati – Nomination No. 88

The spokesman for the Guardian Council, Abbas Ali Kadkhdaei, announced Monday evening that the decision by this council on the eligibility of the candidates has ended, and said that the list will be sent tonight to the Ministry of the Interior, which will announce it later.

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