The life of the cheetah: I did not have a special preparation for “Margaret” and I receive messages from the audience praising the work


Have serial “MargaretStarring the star of the Gulf drama, the actress Hayat Al Fahad Last Ramadan, it will be shown on the mbc channel with a large following and interaction from the audience at the level of viewing or on social media platforms, through a new and different artistic experience. And “Madam” had this meeting with the artist Hayat Al-Fahd

The life of a cheetah with the heroes of the series Margaret
The life of a cheetah with the heroes of the series Margaret

How did you receive the reverberations and public interaction with the work?
Throughout the past days in the holy month, I received many messages through the mobile phone and the telephone from the audience from a number of Arab countries, and from the people of the press, media and critics, all of which praise the work and this is from the grace of God, then the great efforts of all the staff and makers of work and the constellation of stars and young artists .
She presented a distinguished job and a new and challenging personality. Did you have any special preparations for introducing this character?
I did not have special preparations, but it was like my preparation for any other work, so I do not differentiate my interest and preparation for the artistic and personal work that I present, and my preparation and readiness do not differ from work to another work. And “Margaret” is a woman who combines kindness and simplicity in situations and events at work and cruelty and toughness even with her daughters in other situations, because she is of Gulf origins and her mother is British. She lived in a past of many events and tragedies, and she formed a special character centered around adhering to principles, values ​​and order that she does not abandon. It enters into a kind of conflict with the surrounding community.
Are your heritage works or that dealt with issues of earlier eras finding their way to the viewer?
I am very happy with the success that “Margaret” is achieving, as it is a beautiful and wonderful work. Indeed, I thank God for that. My heritage work has achieved great success despite the fact that most of the audience is young people who tend to modern drama and I was able to attract them to heritage with the difficulty of that.
What about the distinctive artistic mixture that brought together the stars and makers of this work?
And the makers of the work excelled in creating a distinct artistic mix in “Margaret”, and we held a large number of rehearsals on the table before we started filming, and we succeeded in choosing the stars and heroes and this distinguished group that presented the series, and most of them had previously worked and cooperated with them, and on top of them was the work book Ali And Muhammad Shams, who also wrote the series “Umm Haroun” last year and achieved great success, and director Basil Al-Khatib, with whom I presented before.

I go to great lengths to choose my artwork

The life of a cheetah in a screenshot from the series Margaret
The life of a cheetah in a screenshot from the series Margaret

Does life cheetah wish to present a certain role and character?
I think that I have presented almost all the roles and played all the characters, and in general, I strive a lot in choosing my artistic works, and thank God I have succeeded in all my choices, as I make sure to choose a strong text and a distinctive idea, as well as big actors and stars with a high artistic level, and I am not stingy in spending To produce my work.
Tell us about your Ramadan rituals?
I am busy with my family in this blessed month, and in general I do not pursue my work in Ramadan, I just make sure to check on my series in general and follow up on the reactions. I am homey, and I like to sit in my home and not go out except for necessity, and enjoy spending my time with the family and family in a spiritual and family atmosphere. Wonderful, as I am far from the artistic and paralytic milieu and the visits, all of them are colleagues and I have good relations with them, but I prefer to sit in my house than go out, and I also enter the kitchen and prepare some popular and famous dishes in Ramadan.

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