The last of them was “the tibial septum” … strange injuries hit Real Madrid’s season


Real Madrid suffered from the curse of injuries this season, which struck the basic strength of the team throughout the various stages of the season.

And Real Madrid announced (Tuesday) that left-back Ferland Mendy had suffered from a strange injury, “tibial periostitis,” which ended his season, and could cause him to be absent from the French national team in Euro 2020.

Real Madrid players have suffered 62 injuries this season, including some strange or uncommon injuries, we review the most prominent of them to you in the following lines.

The tibial periosteum

This is the tissue that connects the muscles to the back of the shin bone, called the tibia, and it is the layer responsible for protecting and nourishing the bone.

Tibial periostitis is caused by excessive stress on the posterior tibial muscles, and results in pain felt where the muscle attaches to the shin bone.

Although the name of this injury is not common – in Arabic – it is one of the most common injuries among athletes, especially runners.

The gluteus muscle

At the end of last September, Real Madrid announced that German midfielder Toni Kroos had been injured in the “gluteus muscle”, to miss nearly two weeks, and lose his services in two games.

The gluteal muscle is one of 3 groups of muscles that make up the buttock area in the upper thigh. These muscles move the thighs.

Posterior tibia

Last November, Uruguayan midfielder Federico Valverde suffered an injury similar to what Mendi is currently suffering from, as Real Madrid announced that he had suffered a “posterior tibial fracture.”

This injury affects the work of both the leg and ankle, and caused Valverde to leave Real Madrid for a month, and to miss 6 games.

Obturator muscle

Last March, Dominican striker Mariano Diaz injured the left external obturator muscle, which covers the outer surface of the anterior wall of the pelvic bone.

Mariano Diaz was away with that injury for about a month, and the substitute striker missed four matches during that period.


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