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The Syrian actress, Nasreen Tafesh, spoke about her participation for the first time in the Ramadan drama in Egypt, through the series “Al-Madah”, and the reactions to the character of Rehab that she presented at work, and expressed her happiness with the reactions to her new experience, noting that she was enthusiastic to present the character of Rehab immediately after reading the script, Because of the transformations that occur to her in her life following the departure of her father, on whom she relied heavily.

Nisreen told Al-Jarida that the scene of her father’s death in the events is the most difficult for her, as it constitutes a new stage in her life and a shock that Rehab did not expect or contemplated, stressing that a major part of her enthusiasm for the experience is the transformations and escalation of events that appear day after day in Episodes.

Nasreen explained that her nomination for the role came through director Ahmed Samir Farag, and after reading the script, I found many details in the character that make her enthusiastic about the role, as she had not previously presented it on the screen, pointing out that the presence of Hamada Hilal and the rest of the work team and the team spirit that prevailed during filming, and reflected On the scenes in front of the camera, the work was produced well, and achieved many positive reactions, despite the intensity of the competition in the Ramadan race and the showing of a large number of series.

Incorrect criticism

Regarding the criticisms she was exposed to after appearing in makeup in the hospital, Nisreen said that she is interested in following up the reactions and criticism of what she presented, but there are incorrect things being circulated, especially since Rehab in this scene had not had an accident to be taken to the hospital or was subjected to a long-standing assault. Her face had to be without makeup, but what happened was that she fainted, and therefore it is natural for her to be the same shape, as she appeared in the previous scene, indicating that whoever watches the entire episode in which this scene is in will understand that this was consistent with the drama and not Fabricated, unlike what was photographed by some.

Nasreen stressed that she always seeks to benefit from the criticisms and notes she reads about her work, and tries to develop herself and her performance, through the experiences she acquires, noting that she has garnered numerous praises on Rehab’s personality from major critics in articles they published on the evaluation of the Ramadan race already during the period. The past, which is what made her feel happy.

And about her presence in the Ramadan race for the first time in Egyptian drama, she said that she is happy with this experience for several reasons, including the distinction of the series “Al-Madah” in which she is present, pointing out that the presentation of works outside the Ramadan race gives her the opportunity to watch carefully away from the Ramadan crowds that may lead to injustice Great for some business.

She emphasized that the character of Rehab required many and varied preparations, especially before the beginning of filming, to settle on all the details of the role, whether on the level of clothes, shape and other details, until it came out realistically, indicating that she trained in the accent and accent well in order to master it while standing In front of the camera.

Regarding her artistic projects during the coming period, Nisreen stated that she is currently working on preparing for a new cinematic work, the details of which will be announced in the near future, in addition to a single song that she is working on completing during the coming period, after she has been busy during Ramadan filming the last scenes in the series “Al Maddah” .

“Al-Maddah” and “Peacock” are most popular on YouTube

Al-Nahar channels network in Egypt has succeeded in winning a lot of audiences this year, as it is the only network that launched the content of its dramatic works on YouTube, through the series Praise and Peacock All with Love, Bint Al-Sultan and Walad Al-Nas, due to the presence of the content of other channels on other electronic platforms.

An-Nahar summarized the episodes of the series to half of its duration or a third and put it on “YouTube”, after the episodes were broadcast on the channel for the first time, and the works on “YouTube” managed to achieve millions of views during the holy month.

The Maddah series, starring the artist Hamada Hilal, and the Peacock series, starring the artist Jamal Suleiman, achieved 160 million views during Ramadan. 33 million views, in addition to the great public interaction with the presented content, through a smart plan presented by Al-Nahar to Ramadan fans this year.

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