The killing of the artist, Sahar Al-Sayegh, after her rape, raises the anger of the public!


The 26th episode of the Egyptian series raised (peacock), Widespread anger among activists through social media, after the death of (Umniah) the heroine of work, whose character is the Egyptian artist, Sahar Al-Sayegh.

A wish killed in (Peacock)

(Umniah) is killed in the series, after the first accused in her rape case, Zain, kills her in a car accident in retaliation for filing a lawsuit against them and exposing them to public opinion.

The Egyptian actress, Sahar Al-Sayegh, published on her official Instagram page a personal (security) picture after her death in the hospital, and commented: (Goodbye, Omnia).

Widespread condemnation and anger

Followers denounced that the end of the series (Peacock) was the death of the heroine (Sahar Al-Sayegh) before justice was achieved in revenge for her rapists, and saw it as a negative message to any girl victim of rape, that you will be killed if you try to take your right.
And the comments said: (The one was shocked at some point, the schedule came down and was more shocked when the Sayegh stayed up. She died in the series, from you to God).

And he sent another message to the makers of the series: (No, seriously, what is this really, make the peacock? What is the idea and what is the message? Daughter raped, sacrifice. If my idea will fulfill your right, you will die; this is the message. Think about a unit that you will be happy about after you die. You got into realism over and over diligently.)

Another agreed with him and said: “The idea that you die a hero who has injustice has been subjected to injustice without what he sees his right to revive him in front of him .. You have also reinforced the idea that we are running after our rights. Why from the first did you forget me? This is precisely the good that is gained in the other.)

Another expressed her hope that the right (wish) would not be lost with her death, and wrote: (If the series continues like this, and Umniah dies and will complete 3 episodes of the others, this proves that the truth can return even if its owner died, but I hope this is the end.)

And another wrote: (If they leave their wish to die in the peacock, then perhaps the most ridiculous thing I see in the series, the same absurdity of the death of Nairobi in Lacasa and the death of Rita in Dexter, for example, or a little less).

While the follower of the series criticized the script, saying: (The peacock series could have been written in a way better than a million times. This is a story that shook the media for a very long time, as it writes with such banality and superficiality).

Another thought that the death of (Umniah – Sahar Al-Sayegh) before the end of the series was provocative, and wrote: (The peacock … seriously, I do not know what is necessary for the death of a wish … something annoying … this case will be closed … and it is still minus 3 episodes).

A rape scene

Sahar Al-Sayegh, the first trend on social media at the beginning of the series, was previously shown, after the scene of her rape in the series (The Peacock) achieved more than a million views in hours.
The scene of the rape of a (Umniah) character, performed by Sahar Al-Sayegh, as part of the events of the first episode of the series (The Peacock). She is drugged by a group of children of influential men, after one of them kidnapped her personal phone, while she was working in a major hotel in the North Coast.
The episode highlights the suffering of the work heroine, a (security) figure who works as a cleaner in order to support her family, and her sister who has separated. On the authority of her husband, and her struggle to obtain a university degree, she is forced to go to the northern coast to work as a cleaner inside a party, which makes her prey and is raped there.

A tribute to the performance of Sahar Al-Sayegh

Activists on social media praised the performance of Sahar Al-Sayegh in the scene, and saw that the series represents the issue of (Vermont) that shook Egypt some time ago when an Egyptian girl was gang-raped in April 2014 by a number of young men from the rich, famous and rich who took turns raping her and writing letters Their first names are on her body and photographed after being drugged at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Cairo.

Peacock series

The (Peacock) series is attended by an elite group of art stars, including the Syrian artist Jamal Suleiman, the Egyptian artist Samiha Ayoub, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, Hala Fakher, and Khaled Alish, which was written by Muhammad Nair, and a screenplay and dialogue by Karim Al-Daleel, directed by Raouf. Abdel Azeez.
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