The issuance of a preliminary ruling convicting a royal highness and a student officer at a military college


Riyadh (Echo):

The Control and Anti-Corruption Authority announced the issuance of an initial ruling convicting a royal highness “employee in the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing.”

The ruling also included a student officer in one of the military colleges of the Ministry of Defense and an Arab immigrant for the first and second use of forged academic qualifications and using them to obtain a government job and for the expatriate to mediate for obtaining these forged qualifications.

And they were punished by imprisonment of the first for two years and a fine of (100,000) one hundred thousand riyals, the imprisonment of the second for a period of one year and six months and a fine of (50,000) fifty thousand riyals, the third imprisonment for one year and a fine of (20,000) twenty thousand riyals.


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