The Health Organization calls on those vaccinated against Covid to adhere to wearing masks – Covid-19


On Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that people vaccinated against the Coronavirus must adhere to wearing protective masks in areas with high rates of infection, the day after the United States abandoned the procedure on its soil.

And the health authorities in the United States announced Thursday that Americans who were vaccinated no longer need to wear masks in closed places.

However, it recommended that vaccinators continue to wear masks in transportation (planes, buses, trains, etc.), as well as in airports and train stations.

In response to a question about the US declaration, WHO experts did not comment directly, pointing out that everything depends on the epidemiological context in each country. However, they indicated that vaccines do not provide complete protection against Covid-19.

“Even in cases where the vaccination range is high, if there are many infections, the muzzle should not be dispensed with,” said Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergency Program.

He added, “In the case of a country that wants to limit the wearing of masks or cancel other health and social measures, this should only be done by taking into account the rates of infection transmission in the region and the scope of vaccination.”

In turn, WHO chief expert Somia Swaminathan explained that the data received from countries expanding the scope of vaccination campaigns show that vaccines “protect against infection by 70 to 80%”.

She said that this means that it is possible to catch the infection even after receiving the vaccine, and this is not surprising in her opinion.

She added, “This is why we need other preventive measures, such as wearing masks, spacing and others, until the countries reach a level in which a large number of people enjoy protection and the transmission of the virus is at very low levels.”

She emphasized that “very few countries have reached the stage where they can abandon these measures. In most countries, we must continue what we are doing.”

The United States is conducting a massive vaccination campaign, and it includes boys between 12 and 15 years old, starting Thursday.



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