The head of the National Food Industries Division for research reveals the disadvantages of eating large quantities of cakes

12 Dr. Ahmed Saeed, Head of the Food Industries Division at the National Research Center, confirmed that the celebration of the blessed Eid al-Fitr is associated with many Arab and Islamic peoples with Eid sweets, the most famous of which is Eid cakes, which are hardly without a house as one of the festive rituals of Eid. Many are keen to eat cakes on Eid in large quantities, especially on the first day of Eid al-Fitr after fasting for a whole month in which the digestive system becomes accustomed to a certain pattern of food twice a day, which may cause many health damages to humans.

Dr. Ahmed Saeed revealed to “The Seventh Day” about the health damage that Eid cakes may cause, including intestinal upset and indigestion caused by eating Eid cakes of various kinds and in large quantities, which contain very large amounts of fats and sugars.

And the head of the Food Industries Division at the National Research Center continued, Eid cakes consist of sugar, ghee, and flour, which pose a threat to human health when they are over-eaten, explaining that the increased consumption of sweets during the holiday increases blood sugar, which may cause great stress to the pancreas and negatively affect the health People, especially diabetics, and the fats contained in the holiday sweets are stored in the form of cholesterol and fats in the body, which may cause health problems for humans, especially in patients with heart and liver patients.

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Source :” the seventh day


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