The Golden Globe: Reforms to Increase Diversity


Yesterday, Thursday, the Golden Globe Award-winning organization approved a series of reforms to improve the representation of different groups in its ranks, in an effort to stem the controversy over it after the flood of criticism in Hollywood over the lack of diversity in its members.The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) consists of about ninety journalists who form the jury for the “Golden Globes,” the most prominent cinematic award in the United States after the Oscars.
The organization has been stirring up controversy since media outlets revealed in February that it does not include any black person in its ranks. Following the disclosure of this information, a group of 100 professionals in the entertainment sector officially addressed a letter to the League that included explicit criticism of its “discriminatory behavior, lack of professionalism, ethical violations and accusations of financial corruption”, charges previously made by Time’s Up movement against sexual harassment.
Yesterday, Thursday, the members of the League approved, by the majority, a series of measures aimed at addressing the situation, including increasing the number of its members by 50 percent in the next eighteen months, especially for the inclusion of black journalists, in addition to reforming the ambiguous and hard-line system adopted to accept new members, according to what you mentioned. Feras Press Agency.
In this context, the Association’s President, Ali Sarr, said in a statement, “The vote by a large majority to reform the League today reaffirms our determination to change.” “Because we understand the urgent need and importance of transparency, we will keep our members constantly informed of the progress we are making to make our organization more inclusive and diversified,” he added.
“We understand that the difficult work is just beginning,” Sarr said. We will remain determined to become a better organization and a model for diversity, transparency and responsibility. ”
A member of the association also revealed to “AFP”, requesting anonymity, that “few of the members voted against (reforms) or abstained from voting, and the majority supported them.” “I’m very comfortable,” he said. We have to change and we must improve ourselves if we want to continue. ”
The Golden Globe Awards are still of great importance, despite the decline in public follow-up in recent years. It began a self-review about the future after threats to boycott the recent controversy.
Last month, the former president of the Association, Philip Burke, was withdrawn from the membership of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, in an email, as a “hate movement,” and two of the advisors hired by the Foreign Press Association in Hollywood to address the problems of the lack of diversity resigned due to a lack of progress. Any progress in this regard.
The majority of the association’s members are correspondents who work regularly for well-known and respected media outlets in their country, such as the French “Le Figaro” and the Spanish “El País”. However, the reputation of this extraordinary committee has been damaged in the past by the inclusion of members whose presence has been criticized (such as a Russian bodybuilder who has performed in second-rate films). The League has also faced repeated criticism over the lack of attention given to black or minority actors, who are often absent from the award winners’ record.


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