The French Prime Minister calls on people over the age of 55 to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine


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                After reassuring them about the safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine for those over the age of 55, French Prime Minister Jean Castex on Saturday urged 13 million French citizens who have not yet received the vaccination to rush to take this vaccine, especially since millions of unused doses are available in France.  Castex said after a visit to a vaccination center in the Parisian suburb that all health authorities in the country were unanimous in the absence of risk when using AstraZeneca for those over the age of 55.

                                    <p>After a visit to the vaccination center in the area of ​​Lady Vance near Paris, French Prime Minister Jean Castex urged Saturday about 13 million French people over the age of 55 who did not receive the anti-Corona vaccine to do so by resorting to "various vaccines, especially AstraZeneca."

“For those over 55, all authorities in France as elsewhere have agreed that there is no danger. I urge you to receive the vaccine with all vaccines, especially AstraZeneca,” Castex said.

The Prime Minister stated that in France “there are two million unused doses of AstraZeneca” and that “we will receive three million during the next four weeks.” He pointed out that “Germany came back and surpassed us in terms of vaccination only because the use of AstraZeneca was better there.”

Persistent mistrust of the AstraZeneca vaccine raises concerns about a delay in the government’s vaccination program. Castex confirmed on Saturday that vaccinating 20 million people by mid-May is “within our reach,” but a government source recently said that “if the doses of AstraZeneca are not exhausted, it is not certain that we will reach 30 million by June 15.”

The side effects of the British-Swedish group vaccine, despite their rarity, prompted health authorities to limit its use to those over the age of 55, after suspending its use for a short period.

Since the start of the vaccination with AstraZeneca, “30 cases, including 9 deaths”, have been recorded in France due to thrombosis, out of more than three million 855 thousand doses administered on April 29, according to the French Medicines Agency.

France 24 / AFP



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