The first photo of Zahi Wehbe outside the hospital … What did Rabiaa Al-Zayyat say? (picture)


Journalist Rabiaa Al-Zayat announced that her media husband, Zahi Wehbe, was discharged from the hospital and returned home.

Al-Zayyat published a photo of Wehbe on her Twitter account, commenting on it, saying:

“God Kareem,

Zahi was released today from the hospital and returned home to oxygen, hoping that he would soon regain the blessing of natural oxygen, as he still needs some time to recover completely, God willing.
With repeated thanks and gratitude for the excess of your love, support and blessed prayers. ”

Al-Zayyat added in a second tweet: “Zahi, God willing, will return to Bait Al Qasid Square and to his second loving family, Al-Maidan, where the journalist Mr. Ghassan Bin Jeddo did not leave a moment from the top of the pyramid, to all its members one by one and heartily, thank you for your wonderful stance.”


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