The first confrontation between Amr Saad and Mustafa Shaaban in Episode 24 of the series “Kings of Al-Jadana”


Episode 24 of the series “Kings Al-Jadana” witnessed exciting events.Mostafa Shaaban), Persuaded a doctor at the new hospital to dispose of the fetus that his sister was bearing as a result of her rape by “Zahi Al-Attal” (Amr Abdel-Jalil), but she knew and confronted him and decided to keep the fetus despite the circumstances of her pregnancy and requested her transfer from the hospital to the home.

“Ship” makes an agreement with “Marcel”, the head of the gang (Ayman Al-Shewi), to confront his ex-friend, “Sariya” (Amr Saad) Who cooperated with “Salim” (Alaa Quqa), the brother-in-law of “Zahi El Attal”, to obtain diamonds in the war of imposing power and control.

After her arrest, the police officer helps Faten Harfoush (Yasmine Rais) after hearing her story and pays her money to help her live. She decides to search for a job and is appointed as a cleaner in one of the malls and lives in the employees ’accommodation with the rest of the workers.

“Najla” (Rania Youssef), sister of “Safina”, gradually regains her health after being smuggled out of the hospital through her brother and with the help of his beloved “Rawan”, who is sheltering there from her husband.


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